Terms and Conditions

1. A deposit of $40 is required at least seven (7) days before service is rendered. The

client will pay the deposit into the account designated at the time of the appointment.

2. The deposit is not refundable. If the client cannot make it to the scheduled appointment,

Neat Pretty Braids is willing to reschedule when an appointment is available.

3. Braider of Neat Pretty Braids will use her professional judgment to suggest the type of

braiding that is suitable for the particular hair type of the client. If the client does not accept

the braider’s suggestion, the client will hold the braider harmless of the consequences of the

client’s choice.

4. Some hairbraids including but not limited to, dreadlocks, faux locks, Marley twists,

Senegalese twists and cornrows are painful. Client agrees that any pain resulting from

hairbraiding will not result in a refund.

5. There will be no refund after hairbraiding services are rendered. In rare circumstances, Neat

Pretty Braids can give client a 10% credit for the next service.

6. Some braiding services require home hair preparation. By accepting this agreement, client

warrants that she has performed the necessary pre-braiding hair preparation prior to

appearing at her appointment.

7. Client agrees that no warranties are provided as to the outcome of the hairbraiding services.

The outcome depends on the client’s choice of style, hair extensions, and texture of client’s


8. The client expressly waives any skin conditions that result from the hair braiding services.

9. Neat Pretty Braids will accommodate a minimal repair of the client’s hairbraids if the client

contacts Neat Pretty Braids within seven (7) days of the date service is provided.

10. This contract is governed by Texas law only.